How To View Private Facebook Profiles Pages

Many times we come across an interesting profile on facebook but don't have access to see the profile of that person. Check out here how to view private facebook profiles pages:

Trick 1:

In search results from the Facebook database of users, you can see the thumbnail of the person's picture along with three options on right side. Click on the second option "Send a Message" and just send the person an interesting comment that they couldn't resist replying to. "Were you at the party last night?" or “Hey! We went to school together, do you remember me? I think we sat together in Algebra”, something to that effect.

facebook private profile

Many people don't realize that if they simply reply to a message in Facebook, the person they reply to has access to view their Facebook profile for 24 hours. That means that the best way how to view private Facebook profiles is to get the person to respond to a message!

Trick 2:

If the person does not respond, you still have chance to view private facebook profile of that person. It just need some creativity. In that search result, instead of sending a message, click on the third option "View Friends". Scroll down the person's list of friends and try to find one that doesn't have a profile image. This is usually a sign that this particular friend doesn't use Facebook much, and probably hasn't contacted your "target" in quite some time. Make note of the person's name, location and network if it is shown.

facebook private pages

Sign up for a new Facebook account with the same name. Use an anonymous / fake email account to sign up, like Gmail or Yahoo. Once you have your new account, you might even invite a few of your target's mutual friends with that person in order to make the profile look more real. Once you have few of your target's mutual friends in your friend list, send an invite to your target and explain that you had to create a new account because you lost your password and email for your old one or somebody hacked your facebook account. Once your target accepts your invitation (and they typically almost always will) - you're in and you can view everything inside their private facebook profile.

Another method: Preview the organizations of the person's mutual friends to find out what schools or organizations he / she seems to be a part of. Then, if facebook doesn't already have a profile for that school or organization, create one and invite all of the person's mutual friends and finally invite him / her. The person will likely accept the invite and you'll get full access to view the account.

Trick 3:

Latest way to see basic information, work information and education information of any person with a private profile is to send poke to that person. For more information on how to send a poke to someone on facebook click here

There are many other methods of getting access to the private profile on facebook. It depends on your creativity how you deal with it !!!