Hack Orkut Photos | Orkut Album Hack

Orkut has recently updated it’s security feature and disabled Right-click option on photos of friend’s album.

So this makes it difficult to copy / download photos from Orkut. It’s a new security update made by Orkut to prevent people from copying photos from Orkut and misusing it.

So what to do now? Keep ReAdInG :)

orkut photo album hack

How To Download Locked Photos From Orkut?

Yes it’s still possible to copy / download the photos from Orkut. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to copy the photo.

1.  Login into your Orkut Account.

2.  Goto your friend’s album and open the photo that you need to copy.

3.  Once the photo is loaded to it’s full size just place the mouse cursor on the photo.

4.  Press the left click button and drag and drop the photo onto the ADDRESS BAR (works in firefox 3.0+).

Other trick can be just DRAG and DROP the PHOTO onto the current/new TAB (If you have IE 7). That’s it .

5.  Now the photo gets displayed separately on your browser.

6.  You can Right-Click and select the Save As option to save the photo onto your PC.

The browser also displays the direct link to the photo. This link can be used to share the Orkut photos with your friends without the need to login to your Orkut account to access photos.

If you want to share your photos with your friends but are afraid of getting misused on orkut, better use any free image hosting service like flickr and share the links with your friends.