How To Hack Myspace Account | Myspace Password Hacker Cracker Stealer Breaker

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hack myspace account password

There are various techniques to hack myspace account passwords. Some of them are applicable to other social networking sites as well.

Following are widely used myspace hacking methods:

1. Keylogging:

Keylogging is useful technique that directly sends you myspace account passwords. You have to only install keylogger on victim computer and give a destination to keylogger to send myspace passwords. That’s it… you will be sent all passwords typed on victim computer and thus you can hack Myspace account password easily. For more information on Keyloggers check out my post here.

2. Myspace Phishing

Like all other social networks, myspace is mainly hacked by myspace phishers i.e. fake myspace login pages. Phishing is most favorite and can be said “easiest” way of hacking Myspace account passwords. What you have to do is simply send a link to fake Myspace login page (prepared by you) to victim and ask him to login to his Myspace account by fake myspace login page (phisher). Once, he login to myspace account using myspace login Phisher, his myspace account password is sent to you and thus, his account is hacked. I have written a post on orkut phishing that will help you to create phishing page for myspace as well. For more information on phishing / fake login page click here

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