Hack Bebo Account | Bebo Password Hacker Cracker Stealer Breaker

Bebo is UK's one of the top social networking sites. It is not an easy task to hack Bebo by breaking this security! But still some people manage to get access to other’s Bebo accounts. The question concerned is how they do it? Many of them just use simple tricks that fool users and then they themselves leak out their password.

Following are 6 Bebo hacking methods:

1. Phishing:

Like all other social networks, Bebo is mainly hacked by Bebo phishers i.e. fake Bebo login pages. Phishing is most favorite and can be said “easiest” way of hacking Bebo account passwords. What you have to do is simply send a link to fake Bebo login page (prepared by you) to victim and ask him to login to his Bebo account by fake Bebo login page (phisher). Once, he login to Bebo account using Bebo login Phisher, his Bebo account password is sent to you and thus, his account is hacked.

2. Keylogging:

Keylogging is useful technique that directly sends you Bebo account passwords. You have to only install keylogger on victim computer and give a destination to keylogger to send Bebo passwords. That’s it… you will be sent all passwords typed on victim computer and thus you can hack Bebo account password easily.

3. Javascript Hack:

This Bebo hack became much popular in last year. In this hack, one has to just send a javascript via scrap and ask him to copy-paste the script in his address bar. Once this is done, you will get his cookies and can easily access his Bebo account using hacked cookies.

4. Community Links:

Many a times, Bebo users are provided with links in community scrap asking to click on this link. Clicking on this link will take you to a Bebo login phisher mentioned in first hacking method “Phishing”, ready to hack your Bebo login password.

5. Bebo New Features:

I few months back received a page that looked like they are giving the user an option of selecting new features like new Bebo themes or Bebo backgrounds and demanding you “only your ID and password” !!! When user submits this page, his ID and password is mailed to the coder and thus his Bebo account is hacked.

6. Primary E-mail Address:

If hacker is able to obtain password of primary email address of Bebo account, then Bebo account can be easily hacked by using “forgot password” link on Bebo login page. By using forgot password link, hacker can ask Bebo to reset password and Bebo will send a link to this hacked primary email address about the password reset. Now, hacker can easily obtain your Bebo account password and thus hack Bebo account profile. So, you can prevent this by keeping useless or unknown email id as primary email address.