Best iPhone JailBreak Apps List 2009

Check out latest iphone jailbreak apps:

GV Mobile

With GV Mobile and a Google Voice phone number you can do the following:

- Dial numbers via the iPhone address book or typing on the keypad
- Full SMS support (view historic, reply, send new)

- Retrieve and delete recent call history
- Playback and delete voicemails
- Take calls from different phones other than your iPhone
- Enable or disable the phones that Google Voice forwards calls to
- Add or delete phones that Google Voice forwards call to


Backgrounder allows you to multitask App Store apps on your iPhone in the background. Yes, you heard me correctly, you can now listen to Pandora while you are in your favorite App Store app! This is your perfect opportunity to show Palm Pre owners how it’s done.

Just press and hold the home key while running any application. After a few seconds, the “Backgrounding Enabled” pop-up appears. Release the home button, Backgrounder automatically returns you to SpringBoard. After that feel free to open any of application you see fit. To quit the background application, re-launch it from SpringBoard, then press and hold Home until the Backgrounding Disabled pop-up appears. It’s as simple as that.


Mxtube downloads YouTube clips to your device. When you've got a favorite YouTube clip you want to show all your friends—but don't want to wait for it to download over the air—MxTube comes to the rescue. MxTube can download and save YouTube clips to your jailbroken device for watching when you're offline, out of Wi-Fi range, or just using the slow Edge network. Great especially for iPod touch users without a data connection.


BiteSMS Offers Cheaper Text Messaging. BiteSMS is a text messaging service that offers an alternative to AT&T or your iPhone's SMS carrier. Buy text messaging credits at BiteSMS.com (currently 10 cents per message, less if you buy more) and install the BiteSMS app via Cydia on your jailbroken device. Then, to send messages using BiteSMS instead of your plan, choose it near the Send button, as shown. The BiteSMS app keeps track of how many messages you send via your default carrier, and how many BiteSMS credits you have left, so you can decide which is the most economical way to send a message.


qTweeter is status update application that lets you tweet messages and update your Facebook status. You launch qTweeter by sliding your finger down from the status area and can start tweeting right away. Then you simply press the update button to update your Facebook status, send your Tweet, or both.

Some features of qTweeter are as follows:

- Update Facebook and Twitter at once
- Update your status on top of any app
- TwitPic support
- TwitVid support
- Shortened URL
- Music Tweets, YouTube Tweets, Safari Tweets
- Long Tweet and TweetShrink support
- Fast shortcut to your other Twitter app


For those of you who really want to apply a different look to your iPhone user interface, Winterboard. is the app for you. Using Winterboard you can apply complete skins to your device or just specific parts of it. Some of the things you can customize include app icons, wallpaper, statusbar, dock, etc… You can spend hours tweaking your UI ways that will make you wonder why Apple didn’t think of this.

SBSettings 3.0.2

SBSettings, addresses a common complaint that we hear a lot about the iPhone. Do you want a way to turn Wi-Fi on and off without going through all the settings? SBSettings can help you out. How about adjusting your screen brightness? How about the ability to toggle Bluetooth on and off with a single button on your home screen? Edge and 3G? I’m sure you get where I am going with this.


An insanely useful utility for making one-tap system adjustments like toggling 3G, EDGE, wi-fi or Bluetooth. You can turn your mail on and off fast too. I like the "Hide Icons" feature, where you can go in and take certain apps off of your home screens without taking them entirely off your iPhone.


The semi-answer to iPhone's lack of video recording, Cycorder does motion JPEG recording (now with audio). It looks as good as you can expect with that camera. The only catch is, in order to pull video files off of the damn phone, you have to use SSH or something else that can access the file structure. Nobody said bootleg app use was a cakewalk.


An example of a for-profit jailbreak app, Snapture gives you basic controls for free for 20 tries, but then asks for $8, and in return gives you access to albums and all sorts of stuff. It's risky considering any jailbroken app may not work the next time you update your iPhone's software, but in this case, it's at least a well designed app, giving you lots of camera controls (timers, auto-rotation, color mode, an on-screen level) plus a shutter button that is the entire screen, so it's easier to take pictures with one semi-steady hand.


This GPS program made a name for itself the other day by saying that, by February 20, it would have turn-by-turn speech navigation. While you wait for that, you can check out the nominal version available now, which is mostly just Google Maps with some extra tools like GPS tracking.


Copy and paste really do work on an iPhone, and it's system-wide. However, there are limitations. Once you've installed this utility from Cydia, you get to it by going to the number keys on the pop-up keyboard. As you can see, it appears above the standard numbers. As you might guess from that, you can only copy or paste when you have access to the keyboard. So copying an address off of a website is not doable, even though you would be able to paste any address into maps once you had it. There are new features that just popped up which I haven't explored yet—maybe you know about them.

NES emulator

An NES emulator that keeps getting better. If you can handle the touch controls, it'll handle most of your ROMs at near full speed. And this is certainly something you won't find in the App Store at any time in the future.